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NFTs for Professional Certifications and Credentials

FactChain uses open standards to create NFT certifications that provide a new level of trust for professional credentials. Our NFT Certification Solution provides value to Certification Issuers/Grantors, Certification Recipients/Grantees, and most importantly their customers, clients, and employers.

The benefits of FactChain NFTs for Professional Certifications are:

For Issuers/Grantors

For Recipients/Grantees

  • Branding - Enhance the prestige and impact of your professional credentials by providing NFT certifications. NFT certifications are electronic certifications that are tangible, verifiable, and collectable.  NFT Certifications can help demonstrate your organization is a leader in your industry.

  • Trust - With NFTs, your certification recipients and their customers, clients, and employers can have more trust in your organization. Your certifications will have built in "proof" that the Certification, the Issuing Authority, and the Recipient are all Authentic

  • Transparency - All elements of the Certification are documented and verifiable publicly on the blockchain

  • Provability - Provides verifiable proof you hold the credentials you claim

  • Accessibility - Never misplace or lose your credentials again. FactChain NFT Credentials provide the ability for you to permanently store your credentials in your NFT wallet of choice so they are always available when you need them.

  • Collectability - Collect and store all your credentials in one place, your personal crypto wallet .

For Customers, Clients, and Employers

  • Trusted Qualifications - Ensures your employees, consultants, and providers have the qualifications they claim, with evidence you can verify independently on public blockchains

Key Features:

  • Easy to use - Customers, Clients, and Employees get the benefit of NFT based Professional Certificates without any extra work or software. With the FactChain NFT Portal, DocuSign support, and the FactChain pen, issuing organizations, their members/students can get started quickly and easily. 

  • Open - FactChain's NFTs for Professional Certifications are 100% Open Standards based, including: NFT specification EIP-155, Proof of Certification Issuer credentials through X.509 certificate, Proof of Certificate recipient credentials through X.509 certificate 

  • Interoperability - FactChain works with standards based blockchain and crypto wallets.

    Contact us today to begin using FactChain created NFTs for your Professional Certificates tomorrow


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