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Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Solutions

NFTs are more than just the next crypto-fad, at FactChain we use NFTs to create stronger proof of authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation, and ownership of digital assets and transactions. FactChain has developed a range of products to make creating and using NFTs easy.

The FactChain NFT Portal provides the following unique capabilities:

Wallet-less Functionality – You do not need a crypto wallet to use the functions of the FactChain NFT Portal. This expands the use of NFTs to everyone on the Internet.

Turn any file into an NFT – The FactChain NFT Portal allows users to turn any file into an NFT, even if they don't have their own Crypto Wallet.

Persistent Storage of the underlying Digital Asset - One of the issues with NFTs is they do not include the original content, they only point to the content with a URL. FactChain provides persistent storage of the underlying content using the IPFS distributed storage system. This ensures that not only is your NFT secure, unalterable, and persistent, so is the underlying digital asset.

NFT Holding  - While NFTs themselves are persistent, it's possible to lose ownership of your NFTs, if you lose your crypto wallet. The FactChain NFT portal can act as a wallet-less NFT holding platform, securely holding your NFT without a wallet. 

Secure Ownership Transfer - The FactChain NFT portal allows users to securely transfer their NFTs to their own crypto wallet, or to someone else's.

3rd Party Integration – The FactChain NFT Portal provides integration with a range of popular 3rd party applications, check back because this list is growing daily.


The FactChain NFT Portal provides integration with Docusign workflows:

Create NFTs for completed Docusign documents – The FactChain NFT Portal provides the ability to initiate Docusign workflows. Upon completion of the Docusign workflow, the resultant document is tokenized, creating an NFT for the document. The benefit of creating an NFT for your Docusign document is it provides unalterable proof of the Document on the public-blockchain.

Add Digital Signatures to your Docusign NFTs – Our Docusign integration can provide stronger attestation to your signers, by also attaching stronger Digital Signatures of all the e-signers to your Document’s NFT. While e-signatures can be forged, d-signing provides cryptographic evidence of the signer’s identity. Further, FactChain embeds these d-signatures in the NFT, ensuring the proof of signing is unalterable and persistent on the block-chain

NFTs for Twitter

2021 Twitter logo - blue.png

One of the biggest problems with Twitter is fake accounts and trolls. The FactChain NFT Portal provides integration with Twitter to guarantee that tweets are unalterable and from real humans:

Verified Authentic Tweets – The FactChain NFT Portal the ability to create a tweet directly to twitter with an embedded NFT. The FactChain NFT can be used to verify with certainty the authenticity of the tweet. No trolling here.

No censorship – The FactChain NFT Portal also places your Tweet’s NFT on the blockchain, along with a verifiable and unalterable copy of your tweet’s content on the IPFS. This means your tweet can never be deleted, changed, or censored.

NFT Enablement

FactChain offers a robust set of APIs that allows you to easily NFT enable your own workflows. 


  • Add unalterable proof to Documents and Workflows – If integrity, audit-ability, and non-repudiation are important to your business, the FactChain NFT APIs offers an easy, secure, and scalable way to add proof to your documents and workflows.

  • Provide Public Proof – FactChain NFTs can be written to several of the largest blockchains, providing public proof across business boundaries. 

  • Easy for users (Wallet-less) – Add NFT capabilities to your workflows and documents without the need for a crypto-wallet

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