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FactChain NFT Portal

The FactChain NFT Portal provides the ability to create Non-fungible Tokens from any file or document.

The benefits of using NFTs for Professional Certifications, Files & Documents are:

  • Non-fungible - Authoritative Originals - In today's digital world, it's difficult to tell a copy from the original. With NFTs you can always tell the authoritative original from a copy.

  • Immutable - This means the file or document cannot be changed. You can see edits and revisions, but you can alway get back to the original. Fakes can easily be detected

  • Permanent - Once created, the record of the NFT can’t be deleted.

  • Public - Not only can't the record be deleted, but the proof of the transaction is public. This is great for public records or for private transactions where 3rd parties may have to validate the transaction in the future. While the record of the transaction is available to anyone on the internet, based on open standards so any 3rd party can look and verify the validity. The underlying file or document may remain private or can also be made public depending on your specific use-case.

  • Non-repudiation - The originator (and other participants in the transaction) are knowable and provable.

Why the FactChain NFT Portal is your best choice for using NFTs for your certifications, files, documents, and transactions:

  • Easy to use - Any user can use the FactChain NFT Portal. There is no special crypto knowledge or software required. Simply download the FactChain pen on your phone and be ready to go in minutes with the click of a button.

  • Open - FactChain's NFT Portal is 100% Open Standards based, including: NFT specification EIP-155, and signed credentials through X.509 certificates 

  • Wallet-less and Wallet based capabilities - anyone can use it, even if you don’t have a crypto wallet. FactChain also works with Crypto Wallets, so if you have a wallet you can easily and assuredly transfer your NFTs from the FactChain NFT portal to the wallet of your choice.

  • Strong Identities - The FactChain pen provides 2-Factor validated user identities. Optionally, you can specify that your signers must have FactChain's more strongly validated identities or specify 3rd party identity services.

  • Professional Certifications - The FactChain NFT portal makes it easy to use FactChain to issue and receive NFT based certifications. 

  • Multi-party Agreements - The FactChain portal makes it easy to add multiple parties to an NFT, thus supporting a range of multi-party agreements.

  • Works with DocuSign - Add the benefits of NFTs to your existing DocuSign templates and envelops with no extra configurations. Simply log into the FactChain NFT Portal, select the DocuSign option, and log into your DocuSign account. From there you will be off and running.

  • Easy Integration - FactChain is designed to be easily integrated into other applications, including existing enterprise applications. If you want to integrate NFTs into your applications today, contact is to find out how to use the FactChain APIs. 

  • Other integrations coming - FactChain is hard at work creating additional off-the-shelf integrations with other e-signature tools like Adobe, social media tools like twitter. If you would like to see FactChain integrated with a specific product, please let us know.

Try the FactChain NFT Portal Today

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