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Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures provide cryptographic proof that documents, files, posts, etc. are not fraudulent and have not been altered in any way. They can augment e-signatures to provide a higher level of identity and tamper resistance assurance, so you can be confident electronic signatures were signed by the correct people.

The FactChain Pen together with the DocuSign extension in the FactChain NFT Portal allows you to add Digital Signatures to your DocuSign workflows. It also takes the Digital Signatures from all the signers, integrates those with the DocuSign envelop, and creates a NFT. This provides a standard package that integrates the signers Digital Signatures with your DocuSign document 

The FactChain Pen and Digital Signature API allows you to integrate Digital Signatures into your applications.


Your company's users can already download and install the FactChain Pen for use with all our current products.

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