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FactChain NFTs for DocuSign

FactChain has created a capability to enhance your DocuSign workflows
Try the FactChain DocuSign capability today - FactChain for DocuSign

With FactChain you can:

- Create an NFT from any DocuSign workflow with just a couple clicks.

- Add FactChain digital signatures to the DocuSign envelope for any or all signers
- Do all of these functions with your existing DocuSIgn account, templates, and workflows

- Wallet-less Functionality – You do not need a crypto wallet to use DocuSIgn NFTs.

When you create an NFT from your DocuSign workflows you get:

1) Enhanced identity integrity and nonrepudiation via FactChains's Digital Signatures.

2) Permanence and unalterable content via Blockchain immutability. 

3) The ability to securely transfer NFTs to any crypto-wallet, yours or someone else's.

It's easy to get started, all you need are: 
- An existing DocuSign account (only required for the workflow originator)

- A FactChain Pen (only required for the originator and any signer you want to digitally sign the document).

What you don't need is a crypto-wallet or any knowledge of how to mint NFTs or use the Blockchain.

Try the FactChain DocuSign capability today - NFTs for DocuSign

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